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Here is my interview with Armen Pogharian

Here’s my latest interview. The interviewer is Fiona Mcvie, baker, reader, and blogger from the UK. It includes new and exciting insights into my writing process. Okay, that may be overselling it a bit, but even long time friends and readers may learn something new. I hope you enjoy it. Thanks.


Hello and welcome to my blog, Author Interviews. My name is Fiona Mcvie.


Let’s get you introduced to everyone, shall we? Tell us your name. What is your age?

Armen Pogharian.  As odd as it may sound, people misspell my first name more often than my last one.  I guess they just focus on what they think is the harder of the two.  As for my age, I’m 52.  Old enough to remember the ‘60s and young enough not to have forgotten them.

 Fiona: Where are you from?

I grew up in Virginia outside of Washington DC when it was still possible to find country roads without traffic and houses for less than a king’s ransom.  I served in the USAF for 5 years, with most of my time just outside of Boston.  I’ve lived in eight different states and at one time moved so often that my…

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Book Review – Misaligned: The Celtic Connection

Things have been so busy I neglected to share a new review for Misaligned: The Celtic Connection. I’m particularly proud of this one as it comes from Roxanne Smolen. Roxanne’s not only a leading editor and writing instructor, she’s also an award winning author with a dozen novels to her credit. After you read her review, please check out what she’s up to. If you’re an author (new or aspiring) I’m sure you’ll glean something new from her Tips for Writers. If you’re a reader, I highly recommend her books and those she’s reviewed.

As always thanks for reading.


Roxanne's Space

Misaligned:  The Celtic Connection (Misaligned, #1)Misaligned: The Celtic Connection by Armen Pogharian

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Misaligned: The Celtic Connection by Armen Pogharian is a wonderful book for both teens and preteens. The two main characters are thirteen years old, and their friendship is endearing and believable. The story also features a cantankerous raven, a mysterious cat with magical powers, and a marvelous grandmother (I’m partial to grandmothers) who doles out just the right information at the right time. I sincerely hope we see more of her in upcoming books.

Misaligned: The Celtic Connection has all the earmarks of the hero’s journey. Penny has no idea that she is special until she is thrust into a magical showdown that threatens the world. Overwhelmed and alone, she struggles to maintain her schoolwork while training in transdimensional portals—until her best friend discovers her secret and offers unflagging support.

The story takes side excursions into Celtic…

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Path to the Press

Steven Capps a fellow writer and blogger recently asked me to share the lessons I learned while moving from aspiring to published author. For those who haven’t heard the particulars, I invite you visit his blog – not only to support a fellow veteran and blogger, but maybe you can learn from my mistakes, or at least laugh at them.

Bard & Books

I’m what you might call an accidental author.  I never dreamed of writing a book.  What I knew about publishing would’ve fit on the smallest post-it note with room to spare.  So how did I become a published author of two young adult fiction series?  And more importantly what did I learn along the way?

My first attempt at doing something ‘creative’ wasn’t writing; it was painting.  When I started writing what became my first novel, I was still painting.  My kids helped me turn the corner.  They liked my paintings, but they became involved with my writing.  Nearly every day they came home from school and asked to read what I had written.  They not only motivated me to write, they also provided feedback.

Lesson One:  You can’t get published if you don’t finish the book.  Find a motivation to write every day.  It’s okay to step away…

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